That beautiful To-Do list!

Mid-Century Fern Dishes, originally uploaded by Lune Vintage.

Helooo! To my fellow Canadians, I hope your Thanksgiving was lovely.

This long weekend I worked on some super exciting new ways of doing things that have me feeling beyond energized and creative. I'll show some of this soon, hoping to lock myself up in the studio at some point this evening and really put it all together.

Studio Lune is debuting an exciting project that encompasses everything we've been thinking about lately. We've been taking it slow as we've been pulling everything together setting up Studio Lune, but now it's time to kick it into high-gear.

Plus, I've had some time to do product photography (when? I don't know honestly, it just happened) and am doing a small but top notch update in the Lune Vintage etsy shop tonight.

There's nothing better than having lots to do, and being excited about tackling every single thing!

XO- Jill