Is this still fall? & a Winner!

This is what our morning looked like yesterday. It was pretty...but kinda early don't cha think? I can't help but appreciate first snow - however early.

Back to fall...Thank you for sharing your wonderful ways to enjoy this season... like these...

"We love taking day trips to the north of Israel, where it starts snowing and everything is white and beautiful..."

"There is a corn maze here where i live, and its huuuuge!
i like to go there because when we finally find the exit we get roasted corn and a mini pumpkin :)"

" friend and I carry two lawn chairs to a bluff near our homes and sit drinking hot cocoa and generally enjoying the peacefulness. Breathing in the leaves, the smell of our woolen hobo mittens..."

Check out the comments on the prize post if you haven't, they are all so inspiring to go out and enjoy the season!

Now for the WINNAH!!!

Congrats SHAINA!
Email me your addy and your Lune Vintage October Gift will be on it's way!

XOXOXO - Thank you for reading everyone!