This week I got to work with some new mediums for me, including screen printing which I'm applying to the dyed vintage slips. There are 2 designs, including the doiley silhouette below. The printing process really takes practice. I knew that I wouldn't get it perfect on the first shot, so I did a few test runs before I started actually printing the slips. They turned out so beautifully, and the collection is growing growing growing! Most of the colors are very fall/winter and super wearable - but I did throw in a few saturated yellows - just because I really love yellow lately. More on this whole lovely she-bang soon! PS. The new batch will be available both on the lunevintage.etsy site and the upcoming shop.

I also felt that my frame collection had grown to the point of do or die, so out came the spray can and now a bunch of pretty frames are drying in the back room. So sweet. I use krylon, but also kilz when I can find it - I find that brand drys super fast and you can use every last drop because of the easy to press nozzle. I get it when I'm in the US at walmart - but I think they may have discontinued it.

Today I'm taking an action shot in the workshop for an upcoming (soon!) Freckled Nest sponsor giveaway. Lune's contribution includes these glam vintage foster grant shades and a pretty dead stock makeup case to hold it in (or anything else). I purchased a lot of these pretty vintage patterned cases, still in their plastic! I LOVE that - dead stock is like a time warp. Original packaging and price tags make me swooooooon....

WINK! Don't know what I was thinking here, probably admiring the ceiling (it is great) in the studio. Kind of vacant, but let me tell you, the lighting is awesome in there! Oh! I just had a great idea! when that happens!

TGIF! I love weekends for so many reasons. Hope yours is pretty sweet.