This weekend I visited a thrift store I had never been to before. Pretty rare, since I was convinced that I had been to them all at least once. Turns out it was huge and amazing, and I spent a good hour in there. It was one of the highlights of last weekend! We are pretty lucky in Winnipeg to have a huge second hand culture. There are many levels, from the department store higher priced (at times more expensive than antique store pricing - and with much less presentation) to mid level neighborhood shops, to the kind of dank, scary ones. Direct sales are still my favorite, but in the winter months, I'm a frequent shopper in second hand.

It's a real challenge and requires a lot of dedication and a good eye to see something special in the kind of environment that most would consider filled with the unwanted, broken, and outdated. To me these shops are full of possibility and potential. Many times I leave empty handed, but it doesn't get me down, because I know the next treasure is just around the corner. I hope you all see what I do in the packaging, colors, textures, and feel of everything offered at Lune. It's a collection of a ongoing conquest to find beauty amongst the unwanted masses.

XO - Jill

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