Unleash your inner Scream Queen - blog challenge

That's right, it's time to unleash your inner scream queen with this Lune Vintage Halloween Blog Challenge! I'll show you how!

Step 1:

Hide in a closet, under a bed, behind a door. It's coming to get you! COWER!!!!

Step 2:

Oh NO! It's found you, there's no where to hide! SCREAM!!!!

Step 3:

Unfortunately, all your cowering and screaming didn't help the situation (does it ever?). As a result, you are now possessed by some unmentionable, utterly evil existence. May as well make it look good - BECOME POSSESSED!

With these 3 easy steps, you'll find yourself transformed from an every day girl, into a totally killer Scream Queen!

Pass it on if you dig it (so fun) and please leave me a link in the comments of this post so I can be chilled by your seriously scary scream queeniness!

XO - Jill