and for the final week...we bring to you

Good Morning Monday! Let's play eye spy. Can you find: The playdoh barbershop piece, the unpacked bag from our weekend road-trip, the first mug of morning coffee, and under eye bags from a very tired me!

Well, get ready to drink more coffee and be more tired, because this week is a full one! Fitting, because it's my last week of being in my 20's. Yep. Next Tuesday I hit the big 3-0. Honestly, I kind of like the idea of being an "all grown up" 30 year old. Seems like a year for exciting things to happen right? More on that later - cause I 've still got one more week y'no.

Soooo... this week includes LOTS of printing on slips and otherwise neat things,

a hair cut & dye. YAY! It's long over-due.

"Wrap me Up" craft show (my only one this year) to support the Winnipeg Etsy Street Team. If you're local, come and visit! Mel & I will be there to talk about Studio Lune, the workshops, and have some samples of what's available both online and in the local shop.

2 live shows. Yay. My friend Rob Wrigley

and Mel's Garreth with Woodshed Havoc

Then birthday celebrations with my sisters (by law only!) hehe. and then the big 30!

But first, lot's of crafty things going on tonight. See you 2morrow!
XO - Jill