Counting the Days

Can you beleive it's almost December 1st. Yea, it's my birthday but it's also the first day on the advent calender. I grew up always having one of these, and last year we bought a chocolate one for Luke. This year, I know he'd appreciate something more special than a waxy chocolate shaped like a malformed snowman.

The Purl Bee Embroidered Felt Advent Calendar version is all about wool felt blocks and embroidered numbers. I love the simplicity of it.

Craftastica creates a calender out of recycled material and brown kraft paper. Great way to use all those ripped and tattered children s books! I have a feeling this paper one would be a one season thing around this house (rip rip).

Spinningjennie's Small metal tins of similar sizes are painted and numbered, magnets on the back. Very modern, and super re-useable.

DIY Handmade Advent Calendar Kit by ElsieCake from Red Velvet Art - The photo's make this one special. It would be so much fun to collect special pictures. I love the notion that giving a feeling of happiness, or a fond memory is even more special than a material gift.

I'm in love with Mibo Studio - and love their downloadable advent calendar. So sweet. The have the cutest printable paper creatres too. Seriously!

This list could go on FOREVER, and I want to make ALL of them! This Sunday I'm reserving time to make something special - I promise to share. Please share your favorite holiday calendars with me too!