geek proof (as if we needed it)

Too much to do to be wasting time with La PhotoCabine. Thanks to James of Bluebird Vintage for that little link! Luke took a million turns, and almost all of them were blurry. Timing for this kind of thing is lost on a 4 year old. If you're wondering about the room decor, our computers are appropriately situated in the official nerd den. The artwork behind me is original animated cels (fist of the north star, akira, astro boy, wicked city, golgo 13, he-man, black star). And yes, we have a 4 player arcade machine Todd built there too. It's HUGE and runs on an emulator so it plays practically every old arcade game there is. All this fabulous geekery courtesy of Todd ;-D

Back to the grind!
XO - Jill

PS. hehe. I just noticed the light makes Todd look like he's a bit shiny on top if you know what i mean. hehe. He's not - but he's going to hate me if he reads this. Sorry cutie!