lovin this city

This weekend, we enjoyed being part of the Winnipeg Etsy Street Team night at the "Wrap Me Up" costume museum craft sale. It was a great chance to debut some new product we've been working on, and check out the local scene. Here's a look at both

Mel introduced some new Dizzy Dame leather heart locket necklaces, these are part of the upcoming update for the studio website.

A new batch of slips hung in a row. I have a few serious favorites in this bunch...

Vintage Wrapped Scarf Cuffs were a hit, look for them in the next SL update as well.

"Pucker Up" scarves from the Diz stole my heart with their sweet leather tabs and soft plaid. This particular slip is entitled "The Queen who stole the Sky" after one of my favorite children's books.

The venue is so gorgeous, and it was so nice to share it with so many creative locals. Mel & I stocked up on some cosmetic needs with Just the Goods. I LOVE my new lip gloss, rosemary and mint. Yum!

Kiddlebug had a new display which was so sweet. Complete with a wooden tree shelf for her handmade dolls, grass green tablecloth and a pretty felt banner.

I was looking forward to seeing Marathon1981's plush, and wasn't disappointed. Even cooler in person. Mel picked up a large green rabbit for her sofa.

All in all, a great evening. We feel so excited about the great things that are coming out of our city. Can't wait to see how our craft/art community grows in 2010!