tale of two rivers, and no snow.

Last weekend Todd & I took Luke to the Santa Claus Parade. There we stood, middle of main street, Christmas music filling the air - and still no snow in "Winterpeg". Reaallly weird, considering the early snow we had in September - that seemed so permanent but melted quickly and hasn't returned. We still appreciated the night, since it was so great to not have frozen toes during the walk home. It was so mild, we stopped on the bridge to admire the river (not frozen). I love living in a city with 2 major rivers running through it, and living within walking distance to both. It's beautiful!

Vintage scarves continue to be chopped, twisted, stitched and formed into cuffs for an upcoming Studio Lune update. Each one looks different, which is really fun for me because I get bored easily with the whole mass producing thing. Never been a strength of mine :-D I'm really looking forward to the next photo shoot already which is going to include more vintage, art prints, and some new work by the Diz that I'm dying to see in action.

Happy Hump Day!
XO - Jill