stitched portrait by 365 Lucky Days

My name is Jill. I was born in 1979, I met the love of my life in 1995, married him in 2001, bought an old house the same year, started a vintage hobby business, had a son named Luke in December 2005, started a blog in 2009, and had a little girl named Eve in May 2011.

I love Mexican food, design my own blog, believe in the power of positive thought, have traveled, will travel, prefer spring, love Halloween, am a Sagittarius, fall for velvet, am a good collector, am not a hoarder, am great at remembering song lyrics, am not so great at remembering everything else, feel a bit obsessed with The Walking Dead series, work best alone, don't like being alone for long, think sangria is de-lic-ious, have a messy closet, drink coffee every morning, love copper jewelry, painted my nails black for 2 years straight, have a feather tattoo that I designed, am a proud Canadian, believe we are all one race (human), am ok with laughing at myself, make ridiculous faces, love being a mom, think there's a lot left to do in life, am glad this is my life.

Lune allows me to collect, gather, style, re-create and fulfill a piece of me that needs to be alive. Lune Vintage is a hobby business that is run in a way that fits this life of mine. Every year I design a new collection of accessories and garments for Love Lune. Sewing, dying, and screen printing are my favorite mediums. It is always changing, and always constant. I'm so happy to share it, and to encourage you to make a place in your life for what you love - all of it, letting only you define how it is done.

Thank you for reading Lune