Grampa's Scarf + Your Head = Cozy Ears! TUTORIAL

It's cold out pretty much everywhere, you're strapped for cash, and you need last minute gifts that don't include coffee mugs and bath salts. Here's a great no sew gift idea you can whip up in an evening, and for less than $1 each (psst. I won't tell your friends). You might even be able to make one for yourself!

Item: Thrift store wool scarves like Grandpa used to wear are abundant. Pick one up that is in good, non pilled or fuzzed condition. Old tags are a bonus if you like a little extra embellishment that says - this was once grandpas scarf (i do!). If you're allergic to wool, flannel scarves will work too.
Cost: no more than $3

Item: Western Style, pearled no sew Snaps and snap tool from a fabric store.
Cost: about $1.29 for a package of 6

Step 1:
Wrap scarf around your head and ears to measure the length you'll need. The scarf I used here was exactly long enough when I cut it in half. You want to allow for approx 1" overlap for your snaps.

Step 2:
If your scarf was like mine (most vintage men's wool ones are similar in size) open it up and cut down the fold line. This will give you 4 lengths of scarf to make 4 head warmers. Sweet! Set the other 3 aside for later.

NOTE: Here I did a bit of trimming to the width of my scarf, based on how thick I wanted the band to be. You will have some loose threads here, but we'll finish that off later.

Step 3:

Apply top snaps to the face of your scarf on fringed end. This will be the end which shows when your head warmer is snapped closed. Use your tool and a mallet/hammer to affix the no sew snaps to the fabric. You will apply 2 snaps to each end so there will be no flipping or twisting when your headband is on. Nice and snugly.

Step 4:

Apply back snaps on the other side of your scarf. Curl scarf over and line up your top snaps with the bottom ones.

Step 5:

You're almost done already! Pull loose threads along the length of your scarf until there are no more loose one's sticking out along the edge. This will give your scarf a nice finished fray.

Voila! Finished just in time to cuddle up with someone sweet and watch a holiday movie. Your friends will love their Grandpa Scarf Head Warmers, and you'll want to make a ton more for your own wardrobe.

XOXO! Jill

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