Holiday Gift Away

I LOVED this giveaway because it gave me so much insight into the worlds of lune readers, a lot of handmade, vintage, and thoughtful Christmas spirit, and some feedback on how we're doing here at Studio Lune. Thank you for all of it - it was a gift to read all your amazing stories.

A few thoughts:
Ami - I used to read Shoppe as Shoppy too - seemed reasonable.

Alana - You're obviously younger than me, but when I was young I saw NKOTB, and totally feel your excitement. PS. Team Donnie

Christa - Custom crayons are a cool kid gift! Here's what I do: If you have old stumpy crayons lying around, peel, melt in a boiling bag, and pour into little chocolate molds for cute shaped recycled crayons. It works so well, and the kids love it (even the big ones).

Catlin was serious about pre-planing and recycling with homemade cds decorated 'ransom note' style. "I made 15 Christmas cards this year completely from recyled paper. I gathered brochures, posters, pamphlets from all over the city for over a month and a half and cut the letters out to form my words. I spent nothing to make them and they look really awesome." WOW!

Thanks again for sharing all your beautiful, cute, and thoughtful stories about gifting the holidays.

Studio Lune, Jill, Mel, Gill and Hillary