Out with the Old

I just couldn't wait for Jan 1 to get rolling on re-organizing the blog, so here's the start of the makeover. The most difficult part about this is the re-tagging of all the old posts from years past. Here's a MAJOR tip to new bloggers, be sure to TAG your posts simply and consistently. Think in terms of chapters of a book. I didn't do this until recently, and just realized I have 135 tags floating around! This means many hours of back logging, and re-tagging. Yikes.

It did give me the opportunity to look back on old posts, and to put together a little history about Lune, how I started out, and where Lune is now. Check it out here - or anytime on the handly little navigation bar above.

There's still a lot of extras coming soon for this layout - including featured blogger and shop links, and local love. Thanks for your patience, and I hope you'll find reading the new layout easy, fun, and inspirational!

XO - Jill