Thrift Thursday

Thrifting is a big part of buying and selling vintage. Yes, there are a lot of other places to get great goods, and most of the best finds are through private sales, but when running a shop you need to keep your pretty vintage shelves stocked full at all times, and no one likes a stale set. I'd often shake things up with some thrifted finds, and save a lot for myself too.

The other factor is how often and where you thrift. It took me years to get my shopping route straight, and I'm still finding new spots now and then.

Come with me every Thursday for a new Lune blog feature - Thrift Thursday! (yes, I know it's Monday but Thursday is New Years Eve - and we'll all be busy then - right?) I'll take you along with me in my little cart to a weeks full of thrift stores, tag sales, auctions and flea markets. Yay! So since I can't wait, let's see a short list of what this week's been like so far...

I shortly considered this floral fold out chair. Cute, especially in a laundry area, or as a girls desk chair. Only $1.99!

An extra large opaque glass light shade with industral canopy caught my eye. These are pretty easy to find and have a nice minimal mod look. When using a long white cord, these make great pendent lights too! I picked up a HUGE egg shaped globe - a shape I don't usually see. Both shades were $1.99!

Icy blue glasses for your morning juice. Very pretty, and a very rare set of 4!

This treadle sewing machine base was missing it's machine, but it would look real cool as a table. If I bought this one, I'd paint the legs a super glossy pink. $19.99 baby!

This last one, we'll call her "Little Dirty Orange" is in an appalling state. I wish the original vinyl was salvageable, because I'm digging the orange. Regardless, for .99 cents, she came home with me anyway as a DIY fixer. The elongated, over sized shape did me in!

We picked up a few extra good goodies for the shop, and I walked away a happy girl. Hope you enjoyed the first ever Lune Thrift Thursday!

XO - Jill