Welcome to our Holiday Gift Away!!!

Happy Monday! Only 12 days till Christmas and we're in the mood to celebrate! This year has been a beautiful one, full of trying new things, learning, growing, and making new wonderful friends. We are in a serious giving and sharing mood, so I hope you enjoy what Mel & I have cooked up with the help of a few of our crafty friends, Gill of Gillian Giggs and Hillary of Dear Dukes. Soooo...here's what's up for grabs, one big giant gift totaling over $125 of handmade, vintage inspired and recycled goodies!

How to Enter to win everything you see above simply comment in this post:
1. Your name & home town
2. A favorite gift you gave or received during the holidays
3. Check out www.studiolune.com and let us know what catches your eye. We thank you for this, as your feedback will help us grow for 2010.

Entries Open until noon central time on Friday December 18.

PLUS, visit back all week for holiday tutorials, vintage inspiration, and a whole lotta holiday spirit!

XO Jill & Mel