Winter Light is Beautiful, isn't it?

Today we crochet with Holly. Somehow everything seemed so colorful today.

Leigh-Ann and her guest Violet came too. We started slow and SOME of us made it all the way to granny squares. I went rogue and created some sort of chain stitched scalloped shelf fringe, turned maniquin belt which I really thought was cool. I'm looking forward to doing more crochet in 2010!

Pretty Holly was a fantastic teacher. Big huge thank you's to her (and to Jenna for being my impromptu model). If you missed it this month, Holly promised to come back again in 2010 for round 2 of Learn to Crochet! Yay!

I love how the studio glows on a Sunday afternoon. Check out the Open studio dates on the sidebar. There are 3 shopping dates for handmade and vintage studio lune style before Christmas.

As always, the online studio shop offers pre-wrapped, local delivery up to December 23rd. International orders welcome (always shipped wrapped for the holidays). All great ways to give something special, and save yourself some stress by avoiding the mall entirely!

PPSSSTTT...Guess what? We are gathering together a holiday giveaway just for you! Check back this week to enter the Studio Lune Holiday Giftaway!!! So excited for this one!!!

XO - Jill