Thrift Thursday

Welcome to an all wearable edition of Lune's Thrift Thursday. Some are new thrifts, some are from the archives. I hope all of them inspire you to shop vintage. So much more fun than trolling the same old mall stores ( but I still love you UO).

Vintage frames. Cheap. Cute. Unique. Pop out scratched lenses and wear bare, or have them replaced with clear or tinted glass.

I wore these red leather pumps for a whole evening dancing and running around. NEVER had such a comfy pair - and I'm not a heels girl (at all!). Love you Tender Tootsies. Guess what - $5.99!

The black and white polka dot chevron dress was sooo great. It was too long, but that's so easy to fix. Simply cut and shorten the hem. It's amazing how quickly a new hemline updates a super dated look.

Last summer I happened upon a collection of tooled leather wristbands. I really wish I would have bought them all because so many people have asked me where to get one, but I chose CHUCK. Might be one of my favorites. The orange bake-lite bracelet came from the scariest estate sale I've EVER been to. Totally worth it (now that I'm outta there).

The brass medalion below alternates between "Loves Me" and "Loves Me Not" on each petal. Extra chunky when put on vintage double strand beads.

Sweet college cardigans with 50's tags! Yay! What a sweet fit, and so cozy. Don't be afraid of bumps and piling, lightly slide a razor over the knitted surface to shave off unsightliness. After that, never stick baby in the washer - hang dry knits please!

Having so much fun! Thanks for joining me for our weekly thrift trips friends!