The new collection of Love Lune slips is dark, haunted, and I'm relishing in it. I can't even think of color right now, part of my seasonal mood swing. Please bear with me.

Yes, as always winter has set in. Deep deep winter. Just to help you "get" what it means to live in Winnipeg in Winter, (I KNOW it comes every year, Todd!)

Kids have to stay indoors for recess regularly because it's too cold to be outside without freezing skin.
My kitchen cold water pipe froze a couple days ago.
Your car must be plugged in to go anywhere in the morning.
Your coffee is iced coffee before you get there.
It is dark by 5pm! Bye bye sun.

Any wonder I looked grumpy today? Any wonder why I'm obsessed with painting my whole house shiny glossy white to let in some light? Any wonder why I can't seem to wear anything beyond tones of black, navy and grey?

Maybe it's time to go roll in the snow and shake it off.

XO - Jill