New Year's Resolution #1:
Collect More Art

In preparation for framing and hanging artwork (currently rolled safely in cardboard tubes, leaning against the wall, tucked under the bed, or sitting in my Etsy favorites) the whole main floor of "Maison de Lune" is undergoing a complete whitewash. Goodbye mixed woods, orange oak and general disarray. 2010 is the year of getting shit done, so out came the primer and here I am, in the middle of renovation mess.

Note the empty wine glass and travel mug of coffee. Even though I hated it's stripy orange tone, I needed that wine to take the first few brush strokes. At this point, I'm sooo glad I finally did - despite a lot of protest from friends and family members. What IS IT with people refusing to paint wood at all costs???

I'll fit a charcoal gray wall in somewhere, perfect background for a nice graphic print. Yum! D*sponge sneak peek of Enormous Champion's house is perfect inspiration. I recognized an identical minty green desk lamp, and an Optimus Prime on display here.

I need this print by Enormous Champion. It reminds me of something very special to me, which I'll save for a later post.

XO - Jill