out takes

Today's photo shoot was lots of fun! Our model was feeling sick sick sick, so Mel and I (and a couple other super pretty models - human and otherwise) stepped in front of the lens. It was goofy at times, but it turned out pretty cool. Feeling slightly overwhelmed with the amount of photo's I have to go through, but excited to make a big update to studiolune.com and ilovelune.etsy very soon!

Until then, here are a few out takes.

Gareth is so statuesque, he makes that girly scarf look manly - right? Thanks for taking that peep show footage on the 35mm, by the way.

Macki was the best behaved dog ever (besides the incessant sniffing).

We also did a little shoot for Ram Wools Co-op that I'll share this week. I bet you'll NEED to knit when you see some of the amazing hats, scarves and sweaters they've created. Major talent there! All said, it was a great shoot.