These are the colors for lovelune spring, and they're making me blush, I love them sooo much! March 20, 2010 they hit the runway in the city, and I'm creating 10 complete looks, literally head to toe.

The collection is based on dockside colors, drippy cotton ropes covered in algae, rusted boat house padlocks, lake grasses and seaweed, barefoot sun bleached planks, knotted hair, and muddy banks.

The sketches are out, and I have jewelry, accessories, slips, bags, and footware to create in 2 and a half months. I can see it already, just wondering if I can pull that vision off.

I love that Studio Lune has renewed my love for making things. Vintage will always be my first love, but I knew when I ran my local vintage shop Lune Vintage that something was missing. That part was the unexpected, the inspiration that flares up and DEMANDS that you must follow it. Sometimes just for a short while, sometimes for a long while. Sometimes it grows and changes.

When Mel and I decided to open Studio Lune, we knew we were going with our hearts. It's already evolving into something that combines so many aspects of what we love in our own lives, and want to share with everyone. I love the freedom and possibility that it offers.

I'm so glad I can share that with you.