Thrift Thursday

Time for Thursday's Thrift roundup for all you virtual second hand shoppers!

First off, a pretty hand gathered pea green velour pillow. This one came home with me, I couldn't resist. When shopping vintage pillows, just remember stains and smells probably won't come out of old fabrics, so pass "mr. smelly" by. However, delicately opening a few stitches and replacing the filling of a lumpy or misshapen pillow is a great way to freshen it up. They're so fun to collect on a sofa or bed. Just look for handwork and great vintage textile. You'll fall for them too.

I could spend hours browsing the stacks of second hand books. These are great for crafting, collage, and displaying - but don't discount them for their original purpose - reading. How-To cooking and craft books offer tons of ideas which are easy to update with current ingredients and materials.

Don't forget magazines. I love the mod design of this apple embroidery pattern. If you shop at the right places, books are as in-expensive as .25 each! Some of my favorite mid century design books are straight from the period. So fun to read over and over.

Vintage Pyrex, turquoise, 99c, irresistible. Only once have I come across the hot air balloon pattern, but it was in such a poor state I passed it by. Still hoping to find it again - beautiful!

Oh this owl looks ornery! I admire these embroidered pictures, knowing how much time, detail and heart was put into the creation of them. This one, $3.99. How many cents per hour would that work out to?

Hello sexy little peg legs! What a cute painted desk for $25 at a downtown thrift shop. Cute colors, but done all in eggshell, and mostly with a roller. Ick. Furniture should be ideally sprayed with enamel gloss or semi-gloss. If you don't have a sprayer, use a brush rather than a roller (even a foam roller leaves ugly bumps). You don't want your table surface looking like drywall do you?

When I see a paper tole that isn't an eagle or wolf, I seriously consider it. This pretty set of pansies looks so simple and delicate when taken out of it's dated box frame.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks Thrift Thursday! Next week, an all wearable edition of TT with Lune Vintage!

XO - Jill