Thrift Thursday

It's time for another thrift happy installment of Thrift Thursday! Can't believe how fast this week is flying by. A couple people asked me to share a few secrets, and I'll be posting those this Sunday with the rest of the Q's from this week's Q & A (you can add your question to this post until Saturday evening).

Now, let's go thrifting....
First up, hello little star burst clock! I would have snapped this up in a second if one of it's wooden ray's wasn't MIA.

A beautiful twin coverlet had the BEST pink florals. Two cute owl spoon holders tempted me at .75 each - San Diego and Vegas souvenirs? I also picked up some fabric to re-cover "dirty little orange". Yay!

This 100% felt bag was pretty cute. I didn't see tags, so it actually may have been handmade. If it were bigger, I would have definitely bagged it, but it was a weirdish small size. Still fun to look at tho, and pretty cool for $2.99.

Aprons are an easy collection to start when you browse the isles often. It's addictive though, so watch out!

I loved these mid century lamps too. Sweet at $7.99 each. I'm pretty sure I have WAY too many lamps for one person to legally own. The neighbors kids are going to start calling me the "crazy lamp lady".

The last picture is of a HUGE 4' x 6' cross stitch landscape in a massive tacky frame. I wouldn't say I would ever consider this purchase, but I WAS pretty impressed at how many hours something like this would take to make. No way was it bought retail - at least I hope not!

I saved a wearable Thrift Thursday for next week to give you a break from my cheesy posing (watch out - there will be A LOT of this in that post). Plus, more time for me to be sneaking around playing dress up in changing rooms all over the city!