Thrift Thursday

Yay! It's time for another treasure hunting Thrift Thursday with Lune Vintage! This Thursday I selected a bold colored collection. February's theme will be very pretty - but for now, let's look at he primary hued goods, shall we?

A tanker of a Bell-Howell projector. If you know how to use one of these, this one seemed to be pretty complete - and was an easy to part with $9.99!

The little rugged red shop stool would look great in a studio or red and white kitchen. Very industrial & cute.

I can vouch for step ladder chairs. Great for little kids to climb and sit counter height when helping bake cookies, for crafting or as a ladder for reaching the top cupboards. This one, with good chrome and un-ripped vinyl - a steal at $4.99!

Did you notice those green boot room lockers in the background? Re-painted or papered they would be very cool in a boot room or (hello!) studio! Seriously considered this - but we're holding out for lockers with doors. Still, the super solid green ones were a totally decent value at $29.95

An emerald green cruiser beckoned me with it's shiny chrome fenders and original seat. Sadly, a girl CAN have too many bikes. Especially when it's 30 bellow!

Copper toned 50's kitchen canisters. If you aren't digging the copper, these are soooo easy to spray paint (I've done it so many times). Remember, primer and lots of light top coats = no drips and a tough finish!

Another ladder chair, this one pretty unique with a curvy reclined back, and sparkly aqua vinyl! Pair it up with a vintage scale to keep you on track this year ... or not.

Check out these nesting dolls. LOOK AT THE SAILOR TEDDY!!! I don't usually fall for cutesy but, this is too much. All 3 dolls were designated silent auction. In this case, the starting bid is quite low (4.99 for teddy) but can go as high as anyone is willing to silently bid. If something catches my eye, I'll always put in a bid just above minimum. Most of the time people over pay because they get competitive over these things - like at regular auctions. Sometimes though, you'll get a happy little call to come pick up your treasure at a steal. Give it a shot.

Lastly, a wildly huge selection of Matador pictures. Above are just a few, the first I came across. As I moved through this particular thrift shop, I discovered about 20 more in all shapes, sizes and materials. Think canvas, embroidered, tin, copper, velvet, wood. It couldn't have been a coincidence. Todd speculated that a little old lady visited Portugal every year and brought one home from each visit. I can only imagine this fantastically horrible, wonderfully tacky house. I kind of started liking them the more i looked at them. Mesmerizing....

And that's a wrap for this week's Thrift Thursday. If you're new to the Lune blog, check out the Thrift Thursday Archives.
February's Thursdays are going to be so pretty. I can't wait to share them with you!
But i will.