A to the Q

I'm back to answer questions from last week. Thanks for participating. I enjoyed putting together this post. Thanks for playing!

Dayna said...
Do you have any secrets to good thrifting in Winnipeg?

The good thing about our city is that there are a TON of thrift stores when you step outside the obvious (Value Village, called Savers in the US). Check out some of the smaller neighborhood thrift stores. This could be a tiny good will, or independent shops like Darcy's Arc on Main street. You'll get a feel for how often merchandise is turned over and know whether it's worth the trip once a week, or once every couple months.

Gillian King said...
If you were to live anywhere other than Winnipeg where would it be and why?
This is actually a tricky question for me because I think Winnipeg has been a big part of me being able to grow my little business the way I have been. I don't think I would have been so adventurous starting out if I was living in a bigger city like Toronto or Vancouver, the cost of living is so much higher. I love to travel, but there's really no place like home.

hollysarah said...
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see Studio Lune expanding our workshop space, handmade and vintage shop, and being able to offer free parking to our customers! Maybe I see another kiddie, but honestly, I can't commit to that idea just yet.

What is your favorite local thrift spot?
Hmmmm....I really like the small Goodwill shops over the big box ones. I also really enjoy going to auction out in Stonewall in the summer. A big mug of coffee, and spending an afternoon with my dad.

Stars & Rockets asked ...
Have you always lived in Winnipeg?

Yes, born and raised "pegger". It's a pretty great spot to live for artists and independent businesses. There's the opportunity to start small and build up. It's affordable and we have a great creative community brewing. I'm excited about the revival of our downtown, and all the focus on arts and culture.

I'll never get used to our long cold winters. Can't wait to be a 'snowbird'.

{tam*jan} asked...
How do you balance your time between being a wife, mother, crafter, blogger and business owner?

Ahhh. It seems like a lot when you list it like that Tam! I guess it doesn't seem like a balance because it's been such a gradual journey so far. I met my husband when we were very young (15 & 16) so he's always been a part of my crafting and business ventures. He's very supportive, and has strong personal interests, so we both are kept busy and don't feel like we're neglecting each other. I keep my little boy involved in everything I do, from thrifting to crafting. He helped me in my shop last summer, but his sales tactics were a bit aggressive. He once followed a lady out of the store saying "Why don't you buy something from my mommy?" He also loves painting, and photography. For every product shoot you see on the blog or in shop, there's probably a matching one including his teddy.

LenkaLovee said...

What inspires you?

Supplies. I LOVE browsing the aisles of places like Artist's Emporium or Mitchells fabrics. The prospect of using a new tool or material really get's me moving.

Thrifting. Taking something old and reviving it in some way is a challenge that I find very fulfilling and inspiring. Often that one item can spawn a chain of new ideas, ways to work with new material, or ideas of how to re-connect with a forgotten style or method.

Blogging. Pulling together the Lune Blog has become an inspiration in itself for me. Recording day to day events and small details serves as a constant visual reminder that keeps me rolling, even on days when I feel like laying on the couch and hiding away (like today - sick with the flu).

Music and Wine. Confession: I've never done a dye without at least 2 glasses of wine and my ipod. It gets me in a focused but relaxed state. I prefer blush.

Gillian King said...
I remember you saying you re HUGE into horror - what is you favourite movie of that genre?

I like sci-fi too, but horror is my favorite. I have never seen the english patient or the notebook, and never plan to. My favorite modern horror movie is 28 days later, directed by Danny Boyle. The musical score sends chills through my spine. I love how gritty and real it is. If a movie has beautiful people, I'm not interested. It has to have that feel to it that it is just slightly possible that this could happen. On the other hand, I also like the Friday the 13th series (my fav is part 2), but that's mostly because Todd likes it so much. We took a trip to NYC to attend a horror convention in newark NJ. I was most impressed by meeting Sid Haig - who is just as freakish in real life as he is in House of 1000 corpses. I could go on and on about this, but I'll just leave it at that. I really dig it.

Swindle said...
What are your most trusted dyes that you use on your revamped dresses? Colors, brands/types, whatever?

3 easily available brands that I've experimented with are Dylon easy to find in fabric shops, pretty good color choices, iDye (good, but colors kind of suck), and Ritt. It definitely depends what your fabric content is. Most fabrics are blends, and there are a ton of variables. I would suggest starting with Dylon, following instructions and experimenting. Some people love using their washers to dye fabrics, but I always use giant enamel pots, allowing greater control (but it's a lot messier so watch out and have lots of raggy towels). The smell can be kind of toxic with this method too, so if you're sensitive or have allergies, I'd definitely opt for the washer method.

Jenna said...
Can we be friends?

Yes we can! ;-D

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Mine sucked in some ways. I struggled with the flu, got a piece of chicken finger stuck up my nose, and had to postpone our photo shoot at SL. Teagan and Sara was lots of fun, so at least I made it through the evening to enjoy that. Sorry to all the people I probably infected. I swear, I didn't know!