from a plain grey T

Last Monday I attended the "MAKE IT YOUR OWN" t-shirt reconstruction competition put on by the wonderful Costume Museum of Canada , Mitchel's Fabric & T-shirt Connection. I needed a side project to mix things up, and was dying to see what exciting designs would result from such an open invitation. I wasn't disappointed! Here are just a few of my favorite designs (of which there were just under 40 entries!).

 Seriously cool designs by Andrew of Lennard Taylor and Adrienne of Eat Really Super Fast Blog

A cute patchy "labotopus" by Naomi Goodman

Adorable Spring Dresses by Linda Vuong and Carmen of HugMe Dresswear

and a slouchy, very pretty reversible bag by Belinda Morales!

1st place was taken home by the very deserving Veronica Davis who used a technique which separated the jersey into gauzy spider webs to cover the skirt of her garment, along with a full bodice of braided strands of hand stitched jersey. So impressive!


2nd place : Lune Jersey Mock-Moccasins!

Yay! I was so excited to land 2nd place in a competition that displayed such ingenuity and talent. The best part though, is that through doing a side project like this, I met a lot of creative people, and tried something new. I had so much fun making these boots (yep, I made them my size so I could wear them like crazy).

The entire boot of these Jersery Mocs was cut from a single grey men's cotton t-shirt. I experimented with Dylon - Sunflower Yellow to dye the fringe a nice heathery hue. The bottom of the boots are leather for durability (and a bit of texture). Insoles keep toes warm. The drawstring closure is also created from a strand of jersey, topped off with speckled feathers. 

 Side projects are an amazing way to keep your creativity flowing, and have you looking at materials in a new way. What a great experience!

XO Jill