Lavender Sweetheart Tutorial

Mel of Dizzy Dame shared this Lavender Sweetheart Sachet during the our Valentines Workshop at Studio Lune last weekend. We thought you lovely Lune readers might enjoy it too! Share this with a sweet friend, loving mom, or a special little girl. Make this the loveliest Valentines Day of all!

1. Supplies you need: cotton fabric( I'm using a vintage table cloth) pinking shears,bit of ribbon,hand sewing needle,a paper heart pattern,heavy thread,dried lavender flowers,flax seed or rice.

2. Fold fabric in half wrong sides together and pin pattern through both fabric layers.

3. Cut all the way around your heart pattern with pinking shears.

4. Match your pinked hearts together evenly, right sides out. Pretty!

5. Thread a needle with your thread and knot it at the end. Starting at the bottom point begin sewing using a running stitch, making sure your knot is on the inside of the heart.

6. Just before you get to the top of the heart, take a length of ribbon, fold it in half and sandwich the cut ends between the top and bottom layers of fabric. Continue sewing, catching the ribbon as you sew. Stop sewing about 1 1/2" before the end.

7. Use your heart as a funnel and spoon in a couple of tablespoons of lavender. Do the same with the flax or rice. The flax keeps the flowers from clumping as well as helps the flowers release fragrance.

8. Finish sewing the heart, sew over your first stitch once more before making a knot, pull knot through fabric to the inside.

9. Now go ahead and decorate your heart! I'm going to use a vintage button at the top.

Enjoy making special things for the people you love this week!
Jill & Mel