Thrift Thursday - Valentine Edition

Ever since February began, I've been obsessed with pink. It was easy to pick out thrift finds from the past couple weeks, along with some from the good ol' archives.

First off, an endless supply of pretty rose lithographs, prints, oil paintings and posters. Always a good deal, and very cool when displayed in groups.

Fondue! Now that's a sexy appetizer. Wine and chocolate with strawberries - yum yum.

Vintage tin advertising signage is so sweet. I picked up a Red Rose sign for above the red fridge in the studio, only $2 at a garage sale last summer! At auction I snapped up a mid-century lime pop one for $20, but that was quite a steal. Usually you'll find these signs go for a much higher ticket - especially Coke and Pepsi ones. I like the obscure ones better anyhow - so it works out just fine!

Chenille coverlets and bedspreads abound at flea markets, but it's rare to find a nice thick fluffy one on the racks. Usually too pretty for my taste, but don't they fit in nicely with the theme? Snap 'em up for under $20 and you're sitting pretty.

Oh My! What big eyes you have! Russ Berries big eyed figures were a pretty cool gift to give on Valentines day in the 70's. I think it's nice too. And so is all that pretty petal ware. I snapped a bunch up one summer for 10 cents a plate at a yard sale. Expect to pay $2 a piece at the thrift stores.

Lots of aprons for entertaining during your Mad Men party. I think these lacy, sheer ones were made to put on AFTER you prepared the meal. Set the table with a pair of cute roosters too! Pull a sweet pink enamel pin out of your collection while you're at it! I collect these like crazy, but never pay over $5. Personal challenge, because I think they're worth so much more!

Topic: Bradley dolls (like the one shown above) - I kind of find them attractive and scary at the same time. Torn. This one, I think is pretty cute. What's your opinion?

That's all folks! Hope you felt the Valentine spirit in the land of the second hand! And...if you were wondering, all finds featured in Lune's Thrift Thursday posts are found by me - but I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see some of your best finds too! They can be etsy, or local thrift or antique mall scores. The only criteria is that you feel like it was a good deal, and you love it to bits! Email me a picture and short description of your thrift - and see it featured in an upcoming My Thrift Thursday.