Thrift Thursday

Oops. Just checked my calender - are you sure it's Friday??? 
This week flew by. That seems to happen to me a lot. We're doing a little re-organization at the studio which is making me sooo happy. I'll share a few sneak peek photos tomorrow.

But since I'm officailly one day late for Thrift Thursday - it's time for me to share some of my second hand scores for the week. I often share photo's of items in store that I passed by, despite their potential. This week I'm featuring only items i couldn't help but bring home with me (including the retro desk calender above). Enjoy!


Stocking up on picnic style 70's basket purses with pretty yarn stitching. I love the pink hues on this one.


I find it impossible to pass up a nice vintage tooled leather belt. I love Lee. My dad wears these to this day.

Miniature macrame owl necklace - yes please!


Ahhh...pretty enamel. This one will hold some of my thrifted bracelets and rings. Lid = out of sight, out of mind for a curious 4 year old.


Wow! Killer 70's leather boots with stitched longhorns! In my size. Sooooo happpyyyy!!!


Pretty bambi - makes me so look forward to spring time. Almost there...


And my brand new - old - butterfly chair! A new cover is in order. I can't decide if I should purchase a nice leather sling from Circa 50 or have one made from vintage patterned fabric. I'm leaning towards yellow. Guess how much my lovely skinny, midcentury chair was (don't hate me) $9.99!

I also passed up a large number of lamps. That made me so sad. But if there's one thing I have too much of - it's lamps. Maybe I'll open an etsy shop - Lit up Lune. hehe.

Thanks for sharing another Thrift Thursday with me! Remember...
if you would like your fabulouly happy thrift score to be featured on an upcoming "My Thrift Thursday" at,  Email me a picture and short description of your thrift. They can be etsy, or local thrift or antique mall scores. The only criteria is that you feel like it was a good deal, and you love it to bits!

Have a wonderful winter weekend!

XOXO - Jill