Thrift Thursday


It's Thursday again (how does that keep happening? hehe)
So this week I was a pretty lame thrift shopper. I picked up a few good things, but it's slim pickings this time of year. Come March break, Spring Cleaning will kick in and second hand scores will be much more abundant (hopefully). Here's the line up for this week.

I like keys. Their pretty, symbolic, and always a unique shape.  I also like copper craft. It's ridged mold form resin home decor that was popular in the 70's. Usually it's blackish in color with copper or gold highlights. That's what makes it dated, but luckily this material spray paints very evenly and easily. I use Krylon Fusion for plastic, which comes in some pretty fun colors like retro pea "Ivy Leaf" green and "Satin Sunbeam" yellow. The crummy part is waiting for the spring to spray outside (I admit to spraying indoors more than once - bad idea). There's a box of copper craft in my garage waiting for their turn to be made pretty.

Cute boots - right? I love those stacked heels, and the stitching on the suede. Not my size. Too bad.


I bought this divided, spouted bowl (marked calif potters) for our coffee table. I still haven't finished painting that living room. I have the paint - just no time and no real motivation to decorate right now. I guess I'm waiting for spring cleaning too. 

I ALMOST bought this small sofa for the studio. It was pretty cute - tufted but with loose cushions that would be easy to re-cover. The price was sooo attractive (24.99). It was really dirty though. That usually doesn't bother me because my mom is a champ at getting stains out of vintage things for me. What "bugged" me is that our inner city is having a bed bug epidemic. Ick. So I figured - we probably didn't need extra friends roaming around in the fabric, yarn and nice things at Studio Lune.

Speaking of stains and cleaning...I found that upholstery cleaner is very good for taking stains and funky smells out of vintage luggage like the one above. It's kind of powerful though - so after I clean, I let it air out in my front porch for at least a week. After that - go on a retro road trip!

Don't forget your crazy ass hair dryer! Actually, you can take out most of these scary looking torture devices, leaving the case perfectly usable for something modern. I've done this a ton of times - and sometimes you'll see them sold as "hat boxes" online. Usually - they're dryer cases. That's ok though - either way - they're pretty great.


Thanks for the awesome submissions to "My Thrift Thursday". I'm still collecting them for one big fun post about your own best second hand finds. If you'd like to join in, just send a photo and short description of your find and why you love it to me at

Thanks for shopping with me! - XO Jill