A few random happy things

Well, it's Friday night - the weekend has officially started! It's early spring here in Winnipeg, and the snow is melting like crazy. I can't beleive I'm wearing my spring jacket already.

Yesterday, Luke brought this lovely package from the mail box...

I love getting happy things in the mail. A That Vintage Myrtle Tasmanian made my afternoon. Loved Sophie's cute packaging too!

I totally missed Thrift Thursday, which had me bummed. Although I did thrift as usual, I hardly saw a thing to report. Sad scene. I did want to share with you a little collection of mine which happened quite by accident, and grew by 3 last week (all at once). I guess someone else had a collection going too. Lucky me! The count is up to 5 (one not shown).

Lastly, I'm working on an update for iLoveLune.etsy . There is such a huge selection of slip dresses in many sizes, colors, screen prints and patterns at the studio. Some of them are being reserved until the end of April so they can walk the runway at two exciting charity shows. I also have a collection of accessories ready to go. All they need an afternoon of soft light so I can do them photo justice. Here's a super quick peek at something I've been wearing non stop for the past few days.

Tee Hee. Perfect for a bad hair day, or those up coming beach days! These screen print head bandeau's come in chocolate brown and teal - super soft wide jersey bands. Visit www.ilovelune.etsy.com Monday for your selection, along with a fresh spring slip selection!

XOXO - Have a Lovely Weekend