Last Weekend I...

Thought hard about my living room furniture, wall coverings (painted brick or black and white paper???) and pretty much every thing else in my house - except these tulips. They were perfect.  

SUPER TULIP TIP! Put pennies in the bottom of your vase to perk up your tulips so they don't droop. It will work overnight - you'll see the magic. Then come back and thank me. You're welcome in advance!

 I also spent some sunny weekend hours going through boxes of 60's and 70's patterns from my Auntie and picked out a ton of favorites. I felt like the luckiest girl ever! These pictures are so inspiring - and working with these patterns is so much fun!

Friday night I took this picture of my sister in law Tanya and I enjoying sushi and martini's. Yum! She's a great date, but eats her sushi with her fingers! Confess -- who else does that? Very fun night. I regretted parts of it the next day though, the sashimi and vodka came back to haunt me later on Saturday and made me miss my very important date with the lovely LA. Sad. 

HEY! It's officially Spring NOW! Feelin pretty sunny lately! How about you?