MY Thrift Thursday

This weeks Thrift Thursday is dedicated to YOUR collections. Let's check out some happy thrifty finds that made their new owners smile wide!

Above, a headless Buddah cookie jar gets new life, as a pot bellied needle holder. It resides in the home of Melanie Wesley, along with many more thrifted treasures.

Chantilly shares her lovely vintage wooden Kokeshis. I'm truly envious!
Angela proves redheads look great in pink dresses.
Chantilly shares a super kitschy cowboy boot clock and a snugly secondhand quilt.
Jess finds a turtle that belongs at the Mad Hatters table at her local thrift, and Dayna snuggles up in a very cute and Canadian vintage cardigan.
Angela rocks thrifted grey and white cowboy boots.
and Heidi frolics in a winter wonderland wearing a beautiful icy vintage nightgown.

That was FUN! If you'd like to share pictures of your favorite Thrifted finds, email me your pretty pictures, a short description, and a link to your blog or shop at! 

XOXO - Jill