On the weekend...

This weekend, I felt like so much happened. I thought I'd share a bit of it with you!
To start things off, on Friday, and Todd and I had a bit of a dinner date before the show - in which I drank a half margarita, half gin and tonic that I kind of loved, and a new cosmo I'd never tried before. I left my camera at home, which was probably best - but the night wasn't too late because I knew what the rest of the week held in store for me...

Saturday Afternoon, Mel and I prepped the studio and gave an interview for a local cable series "Craft in the City". I was pretty nervous, but felt better as the interview moved along. Still, I can't remember what I said, so I may have repressed some kind of bad memory. All I know is that we talked about the workshops we're holding this month and about our individual lines. I also gave a shout out to the blog!

I promise to share the interview when it airs, good or bad (but hopefully not ugly).

Saturday night was the eve of the first day of sessions (out of 6 weeks!) for Indie Business 2.0. It kicks off a period of long nights and lots of work, but also a lot of fun. I'm already blown away by the talent, intelligence and excitement of our students. If I'm absent from the Lune blog for longer than normal, you can bet this workshop is why (and not that I don't love the blog or appreciate my readers - because it's and you have grown very dear to me).

Early Sunday morning, I pulled over to take a picture of the Frozen Forrest.  We've had hoarfrost a few times this year, seems like more than normal. It's so beautiful. All the trees are covered in icy white feathers.

Later on in the morning, I spent some time with my friend Rob Wrigley, taking some press shots. He's an amazing musician, and I admire his talent and laid back style.He's a total natural - so it was completely easy to get some great shots of him. 

Exploring tunnels and alleys, great live music, and a chance to practice some portraiture skills. Lucky me!

Later that day, I had a nice afternoon shopping and going for late lunch at one of my favorite spots with my Mom. Yum, iced coffee reminds me of summer! Here she is hating the dusty floors, but liking the veggie chilli.


And that was the weekend. This week is just as full - and I finally bought one of those big ass paper desk calenders and a pack of tacky florescent highlighters to keep my life straight. I think it's helping. It's reminding me that Kindergarten open house is tomorrow for Lukie! AHHHH cry cry. We'll talk about THAT another day.

XO Jill