Thrift Thursday - Lovely Day

Hiya! Wow. Here we are sitting at another Thursday evening. We had such an unseasonably warm week that all I wanted to do was go for walks and spend time in the sun porch. Good thing I did, because the weather turned and it looks like snow and high winds tonight. Sigh...just as it all melted and I thought it would be early spring.

I did make major time to thrift - but again, the scores were pretty sad. The only cute things I could muster for this post were a pair of 80's Polaroids, and a cute waitress/maid uniform from the 70's. That was a Lovely find on a Lovely Day.

I can't wait for spring cleaning to kick in. I've started already, clearing out tables and chairs from the sun porch. It feels good to let things go to good homes, and make space for new old stuff!!

Since I have so much space, I'm dying for something amazing to fill it. I have a pretty cute teak couch that I could use in my living room project in progress. The "progress" is soo sad, I can't bear to show you how it looks right now. I'll save the plans for another post where I can get into it fully :-D ANYWAY, this pink couch is on Kijjijii and is calling me. HOT PINK? Hmmm... tempting but I don't think I can commit to that.

I'd rather commit to this find on Ebay, but sadly it's all the way in Vegas. My radar eyes are focused...I WILL find my perfect sofa!

If you'd like to contribute to Thrift Thursday with Lune Vintage, email me a pic of one of your favorite, crazy, cute, cool finds and include a short description. There are some seriously cute entries - and we'll get to see them all together the last Thursday of the month. Join in the fun!

Ohhhh...and yes. That interview on Shaw TV happened last friday. I'll share the vid tomorrow so check back! Also, I've shipped the first batch of Love Lune Bandau's and am working on an update for tomorrow. This will include both more Chocolate Brown and introduce Dove Grey.

XO Jill