Thrift Thursday

Totally Random this Thrift Thursday with a bit of this and that. First off - something broken and so pretty. Silk embroidery - chippy frame, lilacs and butterflies. Spring dream.

I am NOT a baker. But every time I see mini molds like Princess Patty Pans...I think - mini cakes could be my kinda thing. Has anyone made tiny cakes like this with these? 


Cool 60's clover pattern!

This is the first giant red gnome candle I've ever seen. Hmmm. There's a first for everything I guess. On the other hand, this is not the first red table top bubble gum machine I've seen. They're pretty regular finds. $9.99.

There is NOTHING that can stop me from pondering grungy retro office supplies. Love em! I picked up these black filing drawers for the studio to store trims. They're such cute, and useful storage.

Canada - Olympics 1976 tray. Neato faded photos.

There's always something fun to find in the world of secondhand. 
Email your Thrift Thursday finds! I'm collecting them for a group post! Excited!