Cinderella dressed in yellow

This afternoon, I got to work on the Egg for a few hours, and made some progress. We explored the electrical situation, and everything looks good - which is a total plus. I noticed a bit of the grimy carpet loose at one corner, pulled....and it came up in a snap! Just some old double sided tape barely holding it down. Under it was this...

The fiberglass floor is the same yellow as the outside bottom half, and has a grip to the foot traffic areas. Bumpy like an orange peel. So, I got to pulling up the tape, and washed as best I could, Cinderella style. I also took down the bunks, and set up the bench. I can't beleive how perfectly preserved the original black, white and yellow plaid fabric is! Thank you for ugly grey slipcovers (now in the trash).

Another huge change was the removal off the dirty, gross, butt ugly hood and splash guard. Since it wasn't original to the design, and I won't be cooking any bacon in this egg, Todd fought with some pop rivets and won. Bye bye obstructions, hello extra WINDOW!

Here's the progress on our vintage trailer conversion to a traveling vintage shop for Lune Vintage! 

LOVE Jill (xo)