May Closet Raid Peek

Whew. We are so busy here at Lune, it's bonkers. When I say we, it usually means me - but lately I've been getting some much needed help with sewing, photography, shipping, and some of the little details that have been piling up. Thankfully, it's making me feel much calmer and able to devote a bit more time sharing Lune with you here on the blog, and at our etsy shop!
 Which means, another Closet Raid is coming for May 1st! This one is bigger, and full of  dresses, skirts, jumpers and accessories from the 60's and 70's. Some items I held back on in the first Raid are joining the lineup, plus a lot more new/old stock!

 May 1st, the etsy shop will also have an update of gilded feather head bandeau's, including the introduction of a new color and a couple other things that are in production as we speak. I'm keeping my lips zipped on this one, but if you've followed the blog in the past few months, you might be able to guess what it is...

 XO Jill