Thrift Thursday!

It's time for another happy Thrift Thursday. I love TT, because it's almost Friday, which means it's pretty much the weekend, because everyone is a lazy ass on Fridays. Also, I get to share a few of my favorite finds for the week with you - and you know I'm stoked about that!

 The lady at my most visited thrift shop always greets me with a "Hi Hun, what'cha found today?". Well this week, I found a seriously cute retro round dial tone in the best aqua blue shade. She almost didn't want to sell it to me, disappointed that she didn't see it first. It's pretty thrifty magic when you find the goods before the employees do!
The school I work at part time was clearing out some old classroom gear - and in the pile set for the trash was this amazing 1967 edition of a school wall map! Yikes! It's a biggie, and I'm trying to decide if it's the perfect piece to sit above my sofa in the yet to be reno'd living room. This one was a case of right place at the right time.

And in the same theme (I guess I should have saved this thrift for Earth Day) is a vintage globe pendent on a chunky silver chain. It spins and jingles lightly. Luke plays with it incessantly.

A fascination with black, white and red (started by a thrifted vintage butterfly chair) caused me to purchase this ink drawing of a Siamese cat last week. I love the detail. In my opinion, vintage art is the best!

I picked this one up yesterday for $1. Paint by numbers are so beautiful - and this one has a birch tree. I hope we will find ourselves in our eggie, near a pretty lake like this in the summer.

 Which brings me to talk about our boler trailer again. We pick it up tomorrow, and then I'll show you how she looks now, and talk much more about my fun plans for her.

If you have a thrift you'd like to see featured on Lune Vintage Thrift Thursday, send me an email at with a picture(s) of your find (at least 450px please) and a short description of it. I have some exciting reader treasures set up for the end of this month already! 

Have a great day! 
XO Jill