Ad Trade & Spring Clean

This weekend Spring hit home. It was dreary, and we hardly got a moment of sun, so I spent some of my Sunday afternoon Spring Cleaning. I love the feeling of making room, de-cluttering, and re-discovering what I have hidden in some very interesting piles.

In the same way, I cleaned up the blog (you may have noticed), making things much more minimal around here. I'm a visual learner, and I LOVE photo's - so it was a good move for me to give them more space to breathe and shine by removing sidebars. Visit the navbar on the top of the page for easy links to posts and places to find Lune.

There's one more element I'm working on, which includes ads for some of my favorite blogs, and friends.  Email me if you're interested in trading ads for the month of May (160 x 80 px - 72 dpi) and you have a blog or shop which fits Lune's vibe. Ad trades are a great way to learn about new blogs and shops, and help develop your audience. Let's grow together!

Here's to the start of a new, wonderful week!
XO Jill