beautiful weekend

Wow! Are you kidding me? This was SUCH a fantastic weekend!
The weather turned out perfectly, and I was able to pull my clothing rack two blocks down from the studio to market square to set up at FASHION IN THE PARK.

This event is put on every Saturday from 11am to 4pm by the Fashion Guild of Winnipeg. It was pretty cool to see the racks lining the street, and to witness the huge diversity of designers in the city. I found it inspiring, and it made me really happy about the things that are going on in our city. Everyone is pretty stoked, and I feel lucky to be a part of it!

Since the weather has been so glum, I haven't had a time to wash eggie up, so I kept it super simple and brought the rack out so I could join in. This coming long weekend, the Lune trailer will be out and full of vintage and our Love Lune designs. There will be a larger selection of Festival Caftan Dresses too. Come visit!

It was soooo hot out, so I very happily got to wear a skirt, and got working on that summer tan.

Saturday evening, LA and I went out for martini's, sushi, nacho's and margaritas. We walked there, and home, and the smell of lilacs and warm summer nights air made me happy. Plus, the company, y'no?

It's always a good idea to walk it off...

Today we got a TON of yard work done, which inspired me to totally re think our "curb appeal" and made me buy 10 bags of shockingly white crushed rock and several boxwoods. I'm not a gardener, so this is my take on outdoor space from a design aspect - and not a gardeners perspective. I'm kind of excited to get this ball rolling.

Why did I add this HUGE task to my list? I have no friggin idea.
It was just so bloody nice out.