Campfire Sweater DIY

I love campfires, it's one of my favorite parts of camping, and a great reason to have a back yard. Campfires bring out the best in us, and bring friends closer together. They mean singing, and dancing, and talking about both the deep and serious, and completely hilarious. I've learned so much about my friends from time spent around a fire - it's always a very cool time.

BUT we all know from time to time there's a little SPARK . . .
and your friend pours her pomtini on you - cleverly putting out the tiny fire with ... alcohol.

 WELL.... I have a solution for you. Refitting a thrifted sweatshirt is easy, and means you can rock some cute camp wear while not caring if your $4.99 special gets a few holes (unlike me in my American apparel...)


Lay your baggy sweatshirt flat. Cut yourself a 80's workout video inspired neckline. Stretch until fleece curls.


Turn inside out, and put the sweater on, or size a dress judy to your measurements and place it on that. With some straight pins, simply PINCH and PIN along your arms from the wrist, armpit, and down to the bottom of the sweatshirt. 

Leave enough room so that you don't feel constrained. Shrinkage won't be an issue if you are using a thrifted sweatshirt - so fit to what feels good.


Remove sweatshirt, and lay on a flat surface and evaluate how even your points are - sleeves, height of armpits, and position of logo (if any). Cut excess fabric, leaving approx 1" of fabric for a seam allowance. 

I did a straight stitch before cutting so the fabric wouldn't shift, but it isn't necessary, especially if you have a serger. The pins will keep the fabric in place as you stitch.


 Now it's time to stitch your sides. If you are using a modern sewing machine, you will have a SERGE stitch which helps finish the raw edges of your garment. It's ok to use a straight stitch as well, or a combination of both.


 Snip loose threads and turn right side out. See - wasn't that super easy? 
Come on sparks - I'm ready!
XO - Jill