Festival Collection - available now!

Love Lune Festival Caftan tunic dress - Midnight Express

I had planned the shop update for tomorrow - but turns out I actually was a bit ahead of schedule today! Originally we had planned to work with a lovely model, but last minute she couldn't make it - so guess who was too stubborn to cancel the shoot? Well it's pretty obvious.

Love Lune Festival Caftan tunic dress - Storm Cloud

You may be interested to know, I have discovered over the past year that if you take enough pictures, you will eventually get some ones you don't mind. I took just under 200 shots to get about 15 - haha. Lord and even some of those needed work. A model I am not! But in the spirit of DIY all over, i got er' done!

Love Lune Festival Caftan tunic dress - Cloud Tree

Love Lune Festival Caftan tunic dress - Olive Tree

I'm very excited about the response so far. Each dress is custom made for you, so you can mix and match the components of the dresses shown to create your own combination:

Current Options:
Solid Jersey - Dove Gray, Midnight Blue, Olive Green
Hand Dyed Colors - Soot, Storm, Cloud
Screen Print - Gilded Tree

All inquires and requests welcome! Come mid June, I'll be getting ready for the 10 day Fringe Festival in Winnipeg, so won't be taking orders for Caftans during that period. If you like them, contact us before the 15th of June and I'll make a custom listing just for you.