The Fringe

So, I'm pretty excited...This summer, the Lune Vintage mobile shop will be hanging out at Winnipeg's Fringe Festival artisan market for 10 whole days - July 14th to July 25th! Yay!

The Winnipeg Fringe is North America's second-largest Fringe Festival  and welcomes performing companies from all over the world. It's focus is comedy and improv to drama and musical theater. I go with friends every year, and am always suprised and entertained. My favorite part though is the people, the crowd, the live music, shopping the market, the beer garden, and how our historic exchange district comes to life. I dig the fringe.

Which is why I'm dedicating a new addition to the Love Lune line to this years 2011 fringe! Serendipitous because I've been sitting on this design for at least two months now. It was good to finally pull it out of my mind and into reality.

Each Fringe anklet features full vegan fringe and vintage charms and chain. Each is one of a kind, and made to be worn with sandals, or feet bare. Check this Lightning Charm Fringe here!

All I can think about this summer is dancing. Hehe. If you've seen me dance, it's pretty obvious that I kind of go off somewhere else - but I wish EVERYONE would dance that way. It's so freeing. I think music brings out a spiritual part of us - what about you? Do you love dancing like no one is watching?