Thrift Thursday - what came home

So the last couple weeks, I've done quite a bit of thrifting. I've had some lucky scores, but they are mostly not photo worthy. Mostly some stuff for the pop up trailer shop - like a circular chrome rack for $15! I would suggest always scouring the thrift shops for this kind of stuff, as a new rack costs $200 and up. I did come across a few home worthy items though...

Most notably, a matching butterfly stool for my butterfly chair. Combined, this set cost me $20!
seriously...i still haven't finished painting the living room. I'm used to primer at this point. It's an artistic choice.

Ok. Something about 80's glam metal band shirts really gets me. This White Lion shirt screamed - WEAR ME I'M AWESOME! Good thing I have pair of acid wash skinnies to go with it. Oh ... so much about this is hilarious... check it.

I have a small camera collection, mostly stock from the old store. I resist them pretty often since I began focusing more on fashion rather than housewares, but I had to pick this one up. It's a Kodak 8MM movie camera - and I plan on using it this summer on our road trip to Texas. Soo... anyone have some super 8 film?

I've been so tempted by ceramic lately. Pots, figurines, glasses, jugs, bowls - and there's NO shortage of it since it's spring cleaning season. It would have been wrong of me not to take this pair home though, so I caved in and shelled out $2.99, washed off the gold "banff canada" paint pen, and called it a day.

Later Today I'm going to add some great READER thrifts that you've sent me! I love finding those in my inbox, so please share your favorite thrift by sending a photo and short description to!

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