mothers day 2010

Yesterday was Mother's Day, and we took a little road trip out to a cute shop called Pine ridge Hollow. It's funny, because I had full intentions of taking a million pictures to capture this day, BUT, as mothers of 4 year olds can probably relate's really hard to focus while trying to wrangle one. Nevermind, try get a good IN focus photo of one! Is is just me??

The hot house there was already full of beautiful roses and other colorful blossoms. My mom treated me to a coleus, which I'm trying inside the house this year in a 60's planter. They actually work well for this, because they are low on attention, and love shade!

We look pretty cheeky here, but only because it was at the very end of a photo shoot I attempted for Luke and my Mom, which is a major struggle for this little guy. This is what you would call non-violent resistance. I love that hippie to bits!