thoughts about the process of making

I've been busy lately, and thinking a lot about the process of designing, and making. The good thing about running your own little business means you have the freedom to create what attracts and inspires you as an individual. Usually, if you really love what you make and would use and wear it yourself, then there are others out there who will likely be attracted to it too. 

The process of designing and bringing into reality exactly what is in your mind can be long. Sometimes it takes months before you have the time to really sit down and hammer it out. That's when it's time to think about exactly what it should look like, what materials are available to create with, how can it be made functional and useful as well as visually appealing.

Often, the design will evolve the more you work with it. That's good. Thinking about the design beyond the first or second sample means evaluating production. With the Love Lune Festival Caftan design, I had to create it in a way that makes sense to how I work so that I would be able to re-create it in a natural way. 

The process of "making" after the birth of a design can be kind of intimidating. The initial excitement wears off fast as you realize, you have to decide if you're going to make a commitment to the project. That means creating a realistic plan for production, costs, and how much exposure can you handle. It also means that you have to set short and long term goals. Being realistic about what is involved with putting your creations "out there" really tests your belief in your self as an indie designer/crafter/artist.

I do beleive. And I love and admire those who do too. Maybe it just takes us really getting in touch with not only what we like, but who we REALLY are as an individual before we find that perfect time to fully stand behind our work.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

This weekend is a LONG weekend! Which means, we have lots of fun family plans (campfires and fireworks!), and also a lot of work to do Lune wise. I'm in the sewing room in full production, behind the scenes mess mode - working on Festival Caftans (3 I completed last night shown above) and Fringe anklets. June 1st a variety of Love Lune garments will be available in the ilovelune.etsy shop! Happily, I'm going to be getting some help in the production department very soon, which was a long time coming! Until then though, it's still all up to me.

So what are you up to? Share your links of projects you're working on, and excited about. I LOVE reading new blogs and finding out about who my readers are. I can't tell you how much it's opened my world - so share share share and I'll visit you soon!