What happened to Friday? Where did it go?
Since it's tecnically Saturday morning here now - welcome to the weekend!

Today (in a few hours) I'll see if the weather co-operates (so far not looking good) and pack up the eggie to join our friends from the Fashion Guild of Winnipeg for another open air fashion sale. I hope hope hope it's not storming - because I have a bunch of brand new dresses to share - and I'm so excited to get some feedback on the new design.

But, if it's ok with you, I'll be happily sharing them on Monday in our etsy shop. I'm so thankful to have friends and a husband who help me out so much. It can be hard getting it all done, especially since I keep a part time job on top of running lune, and being a mommy. Sometimes, I think i must have the perfect set of circumstances to make it work for me, but I also think there is a way for everyone to tailor their business to work for their life.

I'm extending the GIVEAWAY below until SUNDAY, MAY 30! CHECK IT OUT, and enter to win. Your entries have given me huge smiles, so I encourage everyone who enters to check out the other comments - they're so summery and happy!