Etsy Shop - last week before vacation!

This weekend went by in a flash. I didn't get my time on the porch, but I did get a lot done which felt really good. This is going to be a very busy summer for us, so we decided to make some room for it and held a garage sale at my parents house. Bonus, I've wanted a Dyson vacuum for a couple years, and we made almost enough to get the one we wanted. Those baby's are expensive, but I hear, they'll suck your face off. F U dirt!

Check out these sunglasses burritos! I love tissue wrapping things, it's so relaxing. Back in the day, I worked in a gift shop and was the fastest cello wrapper in the world! I can make a gift basket like no one's business! The entire shipment of Vintage late 60's Sunglasses from our Etsy Shop goes out tomorrow morning. There are still some amazing styles in shop, so go check it out!

At the end of this week,  Saturday June 3rd, we're putting the etsy shop on vacation mode for the month of June. So, if you're considering something special, now's a good time to pick up something lovely!

Etsy has been so good to Lune in the short time we've been open. Last week marked ilovelune.etsy's 100th purchase, and I'm excited to show you the extras the lucky 100th customer received. BUT, I don't want to ruin her surprise so I'll let her discover that first. Follow Lune's Twitter page to be the first to receive notice on spontaneous giveaways and promos like this one!

We'll return on August 1st with new exciting Love Lune stock and fresh vintage accessories! I'm taking a month hiatus from the online shop to finish some important consignment and custom orders, and build additional stock for the 10 day fringe festival market. PLUS, some major attention need be paid to Lune's mobile trailer before it's ready for it's big debut. I'll still be blogging here though, because there's going to be a lot to show and tell!

I've taken care of the interior, cleaned, installed clothing rails, and some of my favorite paint by numbers - but the exterior needs a full wash, wax and buff before I install the vinyl signage for lune. It's been a dream for YEARS to have a trailer shop. I'm like a child who hoards and saves their candy instead of eating it at this point - loving the anticipation. I promise promise promise to share progress soon!

Let's have a beautiful week!